Paul R. Jones Museum

The Paul R. Jones Museum presents “The Shadows”

painting of a mother with her two childrenWe are proud to present a curated show by Honors Students led by Chris Davenport, of New College here at The University of Alabama. They selected the works and prepared the following curatorial statement:

A large aspect of society is our perception of the idea of womanhood and the female role. Despite large steps in support of the independent woman in recent times, we are still surrounded by the traditional stereotype that women cannot support themselves outside of a domestic environment. In art, traditional depictions of the woman and this idea are very prevalent; however, with society’s shift towards feminism, more artworks are emerging with women featured in a powerful way. The art shown in this collection demonstrates both aspects of the idea of womanhood, illustrating how the shadow can be broken and women together can reclaim their identities and consciously change how they are perceived.

“The Shadows” is on display now through December 19, 2018.